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We are happy to announce our family expansion in the IP Intercom realm. Leviton now has a fully integrate-able homogenous set of products creating the most amazing Intercom experience available in Bahrain. The new Intercom Door Station for single-dwelling units is perfect for mounting at a front door or front gate when used with an Omni security & automation system. Have guests press the capacitive touch doorbell button and ring the desired interior OmniTouch 7 touchscreens. Accept or deny the call, see your guest, and even let them inside the building or secured area.

Calling between rooms has never been easier. With this system, you are able to smartly call the other room just like a hotel room to room calling. We can work with you to create group calls, so you may call both of your kitchens at the same time and call the housemaid.

Unlocking your main gate remotely is also available. Say you have your gardener coming during work hours. You can unlock the main gate for him to enter and do his work without you leaving your desk at work. With our integrate-able system now, you can also watch him through the cameras.

If you complement the package with an Access Control sub-system, we can create a scan-to open door mechanism for you too. This way, you can segment your smart home into specific locations with specific access privileges. For example, the gardener may enter the garden only, while the pool cleaner may access the garden and the pool door, and the housemaid may enter the garden, the pool and the back door of the villa. You may also specify the time slots per day, each of these individuals may enter.

The system offers the following features:

  • Touchscreen to Touchscreen communication
  • New ringtones to distinguish between a door station and a screen to screen call
  • Snapshot preview before accepting a call, as well as relay activation for a door or gate
  • Enhanced audio quality

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Read More: http://acuzon.com/leviton-smart-ip-intercom-system/