I have a dream to re-define the concept of smart living. I have created acuZon to pursue it.

Mohammed Al Afoo, Co-Founder

Smart Home Automation Security Bahrain


acuZon is a leading Smart Home Solutions Integrator company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our mission is to deliver fully customized solutions for new and existing premises that would suit our clients’ specific requirements. Our intent is to provide a solution package that would change our clients’ ordinary homes into “Smart Homes”. This is strongly based on maintaining up-to-date knowledge in Home Automation, Camera Surveillance Systems and Security Technologies.

Domains of our expertise includes, but not limited to:

 – Consultation in Home Theater Systems selection, installation and configuration.
 – Home Network Designs and consultation, installation and configuration
 – Monitoring, intrusion prevention and security solutions
 – Home automation and control solutions


We work closely with our clients from the conception period of their new premises providing them with one-stop solutions integrator for their SMART HOME related needs. Our services run in parallel with the architects, home interior designers and specifically electricians to provide an engineering package that would solve our clients’ problem and fulfill their requirements.

It is crucial to us whenever possible that we offer a full end-to-end value-added services and most importantly building a long term mutual beneficial partnerships. Thus, we believe in building and maintaining a strong relationship with our suppliers that ensures a win-win relationship for both parties, and eventually benefits our clients.

In acuZon we vie to be ranked number one as a solutions integrator for Home entertainment, Network design, Monitoring & Security, and Home Automation. Our vision is to ensure that all existing and newly built facilities are designed using our standards where our clients live and enjoy a lifestyle that is unique, different and smart. In acuZon we are committed to understanding and supporting our clients in delivering unique customized solutions meeting the highest quality standards and leveraging our wide technical and industrial knowledge.

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