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Leviton Smart Access Control System

Leviton Access Control System is one of the most advanced systems available in the market. Divide your property into different zones and limit admission to each of these designated areas with card swipes and code entry. What’s better than controlling who enters and when can they enter your premises. Having a daily log of your employees’ attendance is one of the best mechanisms to manage employee performance and business growth. Having this log in your email provides you with the freedom to keep an eye without interrupting your busy business life.

Using Leviton Smart Access Control System Products we design the most suitable customised package to match your need. AcuZon’s engineering and design team would take you in step-by-step design analysis to put together the smartest and cost effective solution, providing you with real value for your investment. When you swipe a card or key tag, you can accomplish multiple functions such as arming or disarming security and activating a door strike to open a door.

Access Control products have simplified wiring for residential or small commercial use – everything between the controller and the readers travels over a single 4 conductor or Cat5 wire, including power.

Popular uses for the system is limiting access to swimming pool, gymnasium, outbuildings, villa extensions, sport halls, theatres, and pools. In a smart home arrangement, the system can be designed to allow the gardner to enter the garden area and throughout the day hours. In the same time allow the car cleaner in the garage area only, and the housemaids in the main house. 

What parts should you expect in Leviton Smart Access Control System?

Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation

Card Readers

Leviton Smart Access Control System - Card ScannerLeviton Smart Access Control System - Scan CardLeviton Smart Access Control System - Key Tag






Leviton Smart Access Control System Card Readers are elegant, sleek and small in size allowing easy blend in your well designed premises. Each user will be assigned a unique card / key tag as well as a user code. Access and privileges can be designed based on time of day and day of week, and can be restricted to specific readers, hence specific zones.

  Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation

Door Stations

Leviton Smart Access Control System - DoorStation KeypadDoor station keypads allow access with keypad code entry. Keypads give you the freedom to leave the house for a quick run free of keys and cards. Simply come back after your workout and key in the code to enter home. Being both weatherproof and vandal resistant makes them ideal for the harsh outdoor environment in Bahrain.




  Leviton Smart Access  Control System Bahrain Automation

Door Locks

Leviton Smart Access Control System - Door StrikeLeviton Smart Access Control System Card Readers can have an extension to an Electric Door Strike with a simple wiring mechanism. When used in such combination any controlled area can be locked and unlocked without the need of a key. It allows the door to be locked when closed, but can be automatically locked/unlocked by the automation system.

   Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation

  Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation

  Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation 

Automation Controller

Leviton Smart Access Control System - OMNI ProIIAutomation Controllers are pivotal in Leviton Smart Access Control System from Leviton. This controller acts as the central brain of the system bringing all the peripherals to functions seamlessly. It has the interface for programming and configuration and allows internet access as well as interface through Smart Handheld devices and wall hung pads.

Internet Access is a unique feature that extinguishes Leviton’s access control from others. The ability to unlock the door for a visitor remotely while you are running late because of a traffic jam is a nice and smart way to welcome guests.

The controller also may function as a security system providing you with the ability to secure your home and arm/disarm with your scan card. It can be extended to become a full fledge automation controller to control lights, air conditioning systems, curtains, shutters and fans.

Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation Leviton Smart Access Control System Bahrain Automation

Leviton Security & Automation

For over three decades, Leviton Omni security & automation systems have provided comprehensive control over residences and commercial properties spanning security, access control, video surveillance, distributed audio, temperature control and lighting or load control using wired and wireless devices, making the addition of the Snap-Link Mobile app the perfect integrated solution with no extra fees or monthly contracts. The Snap-Link Mobile app also allows for control over multiple Leviton managed properties from a tablet or phone, an ideal solution for vacation homes or multi-location business owners. Read more: http://www.leviton.com/automation

About Leviton & AcuZon 

AcuZon is a licensed Five Stars Installer for Leviton Security & Automation and acts as a footprint extension in Bahrain, offering supply of hardware, design and full integration of Leviton’s S&A Systems. Read More: Leviton & acuZon