Restaurants Automation Solutions

Restaurants Automation Solutions

Restaurant Automation Solutions

You want success! Be different!

Make a positive impression on your customers by creating a sensory experience using lighting, music and entertainment. Leviton’s quick systems provide easy, a ordable solutions to elevate your restaurant environment, enhancing your customer’s experience and increasing staff productivity. Leviton automation gives you easy control with the best solutions suitable to manage your audio/video, lighting and more. Restaurants Automation Solutions Leviton Bahrain acuZon

Give your restaurant a distinct feel with mood lighting controlled automatically based on your business’s schedule, natural light, and desired effect. Using Leviton innovative solutions, we will program unique settings for separate areas, such as private dining rooms and lounges. Automate music settings to manage your space’s unique playlist and ambiance.

Leviton makes it easy for you to automate your business. Let us help you choose the best system for your store.

Mood Control

Controlling the mood in a restaurant is one of the most important elements to throw that luxurious feel and bring about the warm feeling of being welcomed and taken care off. Many highly branded restaurants focus on the smallest details in making sure everything is under control and within the plans put in place for mood control and surroundings management. Often restaurants have approached us in acuZon to create such environment. With Leviton products such setup is easy to create and control. Even better, Leviton has created a set of equipment within its Security & Automation family to manage exactly the same.

So, what do we offer under the Mood Control aspect?

Lights Dim Level

It is a common concern within restaurant owners to control the light level across their premises areas. Having multiple rooms with isolated traditional light dimming control (traditional potentiometer knobs) is basically a nightmare if you aspire to have a single dimming level across the whole place. Restaurants Automation Solutions Leviton Bahrain acuZon

With Leviton automation equipment along with our expertise we can ensure such exact level is maintained in every single part of your premises. We can even extend this control element beyond that to have it being different level each time slot within the day.

But, why is that so important?

Depending on the human manual control may offer a lot of differences between the rooms. Every individual has a his/her own judgement for what a specific dimming level is. Having that in mind, your rooms/areas within the restaurant are not isolated from the outside world, pitch black rooms. There must be some windows and glass sections where light from the outside environment is expected to enter. With such changing element is interfering with your interior environment each time of the day might/will require a different set of controls. Restaurants Automation Solutions Leviton Bahrain acuZon

Such tedious daily setup can be easily wiped out of your concerns with the following smart solutions:

  • Centralised Control
  • Automated Control
  • Tuneable & Adjustable until the right controls are in place

This way you can focus your energy on more important decisions and grow your business.

What else?

Energy Management

With the increase in energy consumption bills in the Kingdom of Bahrain, one must focus on reducing energy consumption and avoid unnecessary costs. An automated environment is ideal for such target. This will ensure no extra energy utilisation is in place when it is not needed. For example, when you have enough light in one room from the outer environment, dim level may be reduced automatically and when that exterior source becomes less available the dim level may increase.

Automated Air Conditioning control is another important aspect under the energy management aspirations. Having just enough cooling or heating across your premises is easy to achieve with our automation equipment. Ensure that nobody can control or change that manually and that the thermostats are always set to target 24 Degrees everywhere.

Want to change that? That is easily doable from a single touchscreen with a single virtual button to set the thermostats to target 23 Degrees everywhere. Restaurants Automation Solutions Leviton Bahrain acuZon

A Clutter Free Wall

Many customers asked to clear their walls from all the clutter caused by the wall control switches and thermostat. With our centralised automation controls that is easily achievable. We can design the system that all your rooms’ walls are free from switches and thermostats. There can be only a single Touchscreen in every room to do all of that work for you. You don’t want that too? We can design the system that no single item is visible on your walls. You can completely control your premises from you smart phone or smart pad. Restaurants Automation Solutions Leviton Bahrain acuZon