Foscam means focus camera.“focus” is the soul, and the company’s core values. Camera, the company focused on it, the company sought to perfect the product. The company’s brand philosophy is simple and direct, specific and efficient.

The company is a leading professional high-tech company providing IP video product and solutions worldwide. As an Internet video solutions leader, Foscam is committed to providing the public with the safest, highest quality network camera series, providing high-quality, cost-effective comprehensive equipment solutions.

Founded in 2007, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Operations throughout the world. Foscam has established a system of business channels in Germany, the United States, Britain, Italy, Singapore, India, France and Canada, with more than 30 partner countries and regions started cooperation. Up to now, products have been used in over 60 countries, totaling over one million.

On the basis of firmly established in the leading domestic civil IPCAM, the company’s overall goal is to further develop the company as a global leader in network video solutions provider status. This is an expected rapid growth of the field, the company will have good growth opportunities.

acuZon is the only integrator company in Bahrain supplying Foscam products. It has a great satisfied customer base. acuZon also expanded its installation base in the neighboring Saudi Arabia to cater for the successively increasing demand on these types of surveillance systems.