As part of Apple Eco-System there is the option to wirelessly play content from your iOS smart devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod) and MacBooks directly on your TV through the ATV using a service called AIRPLAY. With this option you may wirelessly play all the content in your camera roll and the video/music library in your smart devices on your TV without having to share this content permanently.

MIRRORING is another unique feature in ATV. For devices like (iPhone 4S (or later), iPad 2 (or later), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) or MacBooks (OSX Mountain Lion)) you may clone the monitor of your device on your TV through the ATV. This opens multiple doors and options. For example, some of the games like CounterStrike allow you to use your iPhone as a Controller for the game once Mirrored on your TV, or you may share presentation slides on your TV from your iPad or MacBook.

In AcuZon we offer setting up this option for you provided that you own the iOS device or the MacBook that you intent to use for this feature. We also offer you the training required to use this feature.


An interesting feature in ATV is the ability to share content from channels that are not available in the ATV operating system itself. Content from Amazon Instant Video, Pandora and Crackle are a good example. Because you can play content of these channels using there apps in your iOS device, you can Airplay the content to your ATV. Both of your iOS device and the ATV have to be connected to AcuZon Data Highway for the content to be played. In AcuZon, we offer you the Network Data Highway along with the subscription and  configuration required to view this content.


Airplay feature can be extended to non-iOS devices like Android. Using apps like ZAPPO you may share content from your Android library to your ATV just as you do in your iOS devices. This functions smoothly but with limited capability if compared to iOS device, however it is a good feature so that Android users won’t loose out.

In AcuZon, we offer you setting up this feature in your Android device and train you on using it.


ATV carry a Parental Guidance option to limit accessibility to content based on rating. Parental Guidance has its limitation when it comes to On-Demand channels and Airplay of content however it functions nicely on the iTunes library. In AcuZon, we offer you a setup of Parental Control for the content in your ATV also on the On-Demand channels.

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